There are several options open for taking care of the old. Regardless of the choice that you make, it is paramount that their comfort and health become a priority. Some of the options available are assisted living, hospice, nursing homes, day programs and home care.

In the recent past, a lot of people prefer having their old relatives taken care at home. When an old is to be taken care at home, several changes have to be made to accommodate them. From installing lifts for ease of movement, remodeling the bathrooms and adjusting the beds, their health should remain a number one priority. How do you then take care of their health?

The caregivers should organize for medical care because the treatment may hit the roof if not adequately planned. They should provide a safe and healthy environment and liaising with other old people to increase their level of interactions. Here is how to go about it:

Exercising Regularly

active old people

Research shows that exercising in old age keeps the diseases away and increases their life expectancy by at least ten years. Always start by exercising lightly and gradually increase with time. The following are highly recommended for the old: golf, yoga, walking and a sport like tennis. Top up the exercises with a diet that is nutritious, balanced and healthy.

Proper Use of Medicines

Closely supervise the medication of the old people. When left on their own, they can easily mess up themselves by not taking the right quantity. At worst, they can mix the medicines because of their poor eyesight and memory loss among other issues. Always have the medicine labeled and properly stored in drawers that they can easily access. Closely monitor them to ensure that the medication does not have side-effects.

Encourage Meal Sharing

At a certain age, preparation of meals become a challenge or interest to prepare the meals is lost. Depression and underlying health problems may cause this lack of interest. To circumvent this problem, encourage meal sharing with other old people in the neighborhood.

Offer Assisted Driving

Arrange for chauffeur services because the old people may not be so good with driving as they were 30 years ago. It can be dangerous because their declining cognitive abilities may reduce reaction time, stiffen the body and the driving may get inconsistent. If the old people are still adamant to drive, then hire a driver to monitor them.


Finally, the caregiver should also be healthy. Caregivers should avoid situations and conditions that will make them suffer from stress, depression, anxiety and other disorders such as musculoskeletal. Another critical thing that the caregiver should do is to have the emergency numbers of the hospital and ambulance services. It is terrible to start scrambling for contacts when a person is fainting.