Alcoholism is a big problem as it changes the life of the addicted people and it has some bad health consequences as well. Media avoids talking about the bad influence of alcohol because there is a lot of money in that business.

 Booze, a serious problem

Sad truth is that the alcohol addiction is a serious problem, a problem that changes the life of those that consume it in large quantities and those that must live near alcohol addicts. Alcohol addict is drunk every single day and he or she can’t be productive in any way. Alcohol also affects the mind and drunken people are more than often really toxic toward other people.

What pushes people toward the bottle of booze?

The exact cause of alcoholism doesn’t exist. But there is some evidence that supports the genetic and biological predisposition toward alcoholism. Relatives of alcoholics are more likely to become alcoholics themselves. The research states that those relatives are 5 times more likely to take the bottle rather than other people.

Social factors of alcoholism

Genetic connection between booze and people might be under research and inconclusive, but there are some things that lead people toward alcohol and they are all around us. Social factors are the main cause for alcoholism as they are likely to cause high levels of stress. Alcohol reduces the amount of stress and highly stressed people look forward to alcohol in order to forget all problems they must deal with.

Death from the bottle

People are very good at concealing their alcohol problems and that leads to more serious medical conditions. Doctors are unable to recognize alcohol issue without the honesty of their patients and many patients are ashamed of their addiction and they stay silent. Alcohol is not just another problem that does nothing serious, it is a major problem and it causes many other serious illnesses.

Home violence and alcoholism

Majority of home violence and child abuse cases are directly connected to alcoholism. This has a devastating effect on the family and especially on the children. Most of the children that go through this kind of experience end on the wrong side of law along with alcohol and drug abuse.

Alcohol caused illnesses

Medical conditions like liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, anemia and alcoholic Cardiomyopathy are all signs of alcohol abuse. The main problem with these conditions is that they are quite serious and they require a lot of treatment. Once you recognize these conditions the alcohol abuse is already in very advanced state and it requires a lot of therapy. Some people never actually get rid of their alcoholism; they only reduce the amount of booze they consume.

Alcohol and social alienation

People that abuse alcohol are easily recognizable due to the effects of alcohol on both physical and mental state. When you see a person that has many bruises of different age, and people that are very aggressive, easily irritable and filled with anxiety then you know you have met an alcoholic. These people aren’t good at social interactions because other people avoid them due to their behavior.
If you recognize yourself here then you should go to the doctor and seek council.

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